What's happening in open data around the world?

In short, some very cool things!

Buenos Aires is leading in providing participatory democracy through open data and smart governance. Maputo has a citizen monitoring tool called MOPA311 that is working. Ukraine is becoming a model for open governance. Across the globe cities are adopting open data and empowering citizens to act to realise true democracy.

The InTAcT project has put together a number of case studies and innovation briefs of open data and smart governance happening in cities globally. You should check out the city case studies here:

Cities are initiating open data and smart governance projects that:

  • Open access to information and data for other government departments, citizens, businesses, and civil society organisations

  • Enable government and external parties track public spending and infrastructure projects to facilitate accountability and transparency

  • Provide data analytics and insight on performance for government

  • Enable trust, transparency, and decentralisation

  • Facilitate participatory planning

  • Facilitate policy research, analysis and creation

  • Enable citizen reporting and citizen monitoring, which provide external resources to government and again create positive sentiment through transparency and accountability

The InTAcT website has collated a number of these projects into a gallery that explains each project and tool.

We've provided a summary of these categories later in this toolkit.